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Wood pellets are a biofuel manufactured from compressed sawdust and wood waste sourced from the off cuts and waste wood from South Africa’s timber industry and alien vegetation. The source of wood used for the timber industry is from a sustainable forestry system, cultivated for the timber industry with a continuous replanting program.

Much of the pellet material comes from waste sawdust, shavings, and chips remaining after lumber production; this waste is then compacted into tiny, dense pellets, which burn more efficiently than other forms of wood. Pellets are manufactured with 100% biological materials pressed through small holes in a spherical machine that binds the pellets together. Pellets have far higher combustion efficiency because the binding process reduces moisture to less than 10%, compared to that of an average log, which is typically 50% moisture by weight. Pellets’ uniform size, shape, and weight-usually 1.2 to 3 cm in length by 6 mm in diameter – makes them relatively easy to transport and store, as compared to wood logs. Pellet uniformity also allows a machine to measure fuel quantity accurately, in order to feed in a more precise amount of fuel to generate heat or electricity output.

Our wood pellets are produced by the largest producer and exporter in South Africa which guarantees a continuous and consistent supply of green fuel to the users.

Because ash is a non-combustible mineral residue, it can be disposed of as inert solid waste. However, many people who burn wood pellets use the ash as fertilizer or compost.

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