What is Clean Combustion?

Clean combustion means that the stove has a double combustion system that converts up to 90% of the flue gases and smoke particles into heat. This minimizes the smoke emission, because the stove uses the energy to generate heat instead of smoke. 

Clean Burn – A Unique Combustion System

The highly developed combustion system, Clean Burn, ensures that our wood-burning stoves are technological forerunners and set new standards for high efficiency and low CO2 emissions and wood consumption. Below you can see an example of how the Clean Burn combustion system with double air deflector system works on one of our models.

Closed system fireplaces are the most effective way to heat your home as they only allow enough air into the fireplace to fuel the fire, thus creating an 80% heat retention in your home, versus a traditional open fireplace that has an 80% heat loss.

A closed combustion fireplace has undoubtedly become very popular amongst many homeowners. This type of fireplace has a closing door with a visual flame through the glass, making it aesthetically pleasing; it burns at a slow pace; uses a lot less wood; and produces a lot more warmth as less heat escapes through the chimney. Due to the high combustion temperature, wood burns cleanly and thoroughly and hardly any smoke goes up through the chimney. The efficiency rate of a closed combustion fireplace is anywhere between 70- 85%.

Closed combustion, wood burning stoves provide an efficient, independent and guaranteed means of heating your home…even when Eskom is off. Here are some added benefits to purchasing a wood stove:

  • A wood stove or fireplace is a lovely feature in any home. It adds heat, heart and health (value) to your life while living in your home and increases the resell value when it comes time to sell.
  • With Stove Efficiency levels of 65% – 90%, compared to an open fire with a 25% – 30%, a closed combustion stove is a low cost alternative.
  • While the initial cost to purchase and install may seem high, the total cost of ownership is much lower than other forms of heating.
  • You have the added benefit of ensuring you are warm and healthy during cold days.
  • When the lights are off, your wood burner is a source of light and a place to gather!
  • You can load your closed combustion wood burner, close the door and go to bed knowing that your family and home are safe. Unlike an open combustion fireplace that needs to be put out before going to sleep.


Besides the wonderful ambiance it creates, a fireplaces is a great way to heat a home effectively, especially if you live in an area where wood is plentiful. Whether built-in or freestanding, closed combustion fireplaces win hands down every time on every possible metric.

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