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We offer professional installation; safety and pre-installation inspections and our experienced delivery team will ensure safe transport of your products to site.

Highest international safety regulations
We follow the highest international safety regulations and safe installation standards as set out by the EU and UK. We strictly follow or exceed manufacturer specifications when installing.

Highly trained in-house technical team
We have our own in-house technical team who are trained in Italy by Piazetta, manufacturers of some of the finest wood and pellet burning stoves in the world. Our staff continues to be trained by various suppliers, industry experts and technical leads in South Africa.

We strive for excellence
Our teams are used to working in exclusive homes. We provide a clean, safe and professional installation, leaving your home the way we found it. Your floors, furniture and fittings are protected and covered where required. With new builds or renovations, we prefer to be the last people in so that your wood stove remains in great condition.

Fireplace and Wood Stove Installations

We have installed hundreds of fires consisting of wood stoves, fireplaces, pellet inserts, pizza ovens, braais, flueless gas fires and bomas. 

Our dedicated in-house team work with the utmost care for your home. Normally, we are able to keep disruptions to a minimum and the job gets done without making a mess!

Please visit our fireplace installation page to see details of the various installation types and costs.

Braai Installations

You have an option to choose between DIY or Professional Installation of your braai. Many of our clients get their builders to simply install their braais for them and our team are always there to offer advice. 

Gas or combo (gas and wood) braais MUST have the gas fittings done by a qualified gas installer.


Wood Cooker Installations

While you always have an option to choose between DIY or Professional Installation of your cooker, we recommend professional installation so that your flues and fittings are correctly designed and fitted.

Chat to our team for your quote!

Gas cookers require a certified gas installer. 


Pizza Oven Installations

We have a range of pizza ovens. The stand-alone or free-standing ovens don’t necessarily require installation but many of our clients like to build a custom stand or counter for their oven.

Our Italian built-in ovens (which can be fitted inside your home) do require installation. For these you can select either DIY or Professional Installation. These ovens require flues and fittings in order that the oven works as designed.

A number of our pizza ovens can take custom finishing and we can assist your architect, designer or builder with the correct design of this. 

Boma and Outdoor Entertainment Areas

With our every growing range of boma pits, slabs and bowls we can assist you in designing, building and furnishing your outdoor entertainment area.

We supply outdoor furniture, frames, decking, paving, cobbles, specialist outdoor ceramic and porcelain tiles and planting.

Chat to us today.

Outdoor Kitchens

We supply and advise your designer and architect with the ideal fires, tiles and countertops for your outdoor kitchen. Get it right from the start and make this a happy place from the get-go. Avoid frustrations, re-builds and replacement of materials not fit for purpose.


Our consultants can assist you. 


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Important installation information

Most of our products come with a complete installation guide, specifying requirements and also recommendations. This must be adhered to at all times for your safety as well as for the efficient operation of your product.

Expert Service Guaranteed

Fires and Braais offers the services of highly qualified design and installation teams that can assist you with installing your fireplace, wood stove, boma, pizza oven, braai or other related product.

12 Month Workmanship Guarantee

Fires and Braais offers a no-nonsence 12 Month Workmanship Guarantee on all installations to give you the peace of mind you need to know you have chosen the right installer.

Our teams are proud to offer:

  • Full qualification & skill in wood, multi-fuel and pellet installations. We rely on a network of qualified gas installers for gas installations. For installations outside of KZN we work with a hand-selected group of installers who are dedicated to their craft.
  • Professional, Friendly & Helpful Service
  • Expert Advice & Guidance
  • Fast & Efficient Service & Installation

Product Guarantees, Spares Availability & Maintenance

Due to our commitment to customer satisfaction we ensure that all products stocked by us are guaranteed against defect in workmanship and materials. We work closely with all suppliers and hand-pick only those products and brands which surpass our own expectations with regards to quality and workmanship.

Each of the products we stock carries its own guarantee as stated on the individual product page or guarantee documentation provided on purchase and such guarantees can vary between 1 – 10 Years. As best we can we ensure that all products sold by us offer a full service back-up and spares availability if required unless otherwise stated on specific products.

If at any time a product purchased from us is found to be defective or requires service you can contact us directly to enquire about its replacement, repair or maintenance.

Always ensure that your proof of purchase and product guarantee is kept in a safe place. In some cases products carry a limited guarantee and it is important to inspect and understand those limitations before purchase. Guarantees do not include items or parts which need to be replaced due to normal wear and tare. Certain products require the completion of Guarantee Registration Forms and we recommend that these are completed and submitted on purchase of such products to ensure that the guarantee is valid.

Please read your product warranty and guarantee information carefully. Some products require that an annual service be conducted to maintain your warranty. It is better to choose a qualified installer for your product to ensure that your product guarantee is not affected. Fires and Braais works hard to only select suppliers that provide guaranteed spares availability for any repairs that you may need. Generally all our products have spares available although some items may be special order items requiring up to 8 weeks lead time to delivery to South Africa.


Stipulations & Requirements to Ensure Valid Guarantee

It is important to note that any and all product guarantees will become null and void in the event that a product is used for any other purpose than that which it was provided for or if usage and maintenance instructions are ignored. Also ensure that the correct fuel type is used at all times to ensure safety as well as optimum efficiency and care of the product. If a faulty product is at the time of inspection found to have become defective due specifically to installation by an unqualified person or installer or through use other than that recommended such a guarantee will become null and void.

Assistance in the Event of Maintenance or Re-Installation after an Independent or Third Party Installation.

Please always ensure that you use reputable and registered installers of fireplaces, wood stoves, pizza ovens, pellet stoves and braais to ensure that all installations are fully guaranteed to protect your safety, investment as well as the product you have purchased.

In the event where Fires and Braais is contacted to assist in a re-install, to help correct faults of a current installation or in the event of maintenance of a incorrectly installed product we will always quote you first and will assist you to our best efforts.

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