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As fire specialists with a carefully selected range from top local and international manufacurers, we offer a complete service from selection, design, delivery, installation and on-going servicing.

We pride ourselves on our high standard of service with a focus on excellence and a fantastic after sale service.

Chat to us to find the right fire be that a fireplace, braai, fire-pit, pizza oven, cooker, stove or brazier.

Our team knows what is available, what will work for you and will take you through a selection process to help you make a great choice.

Search – Finding the right Fire

In today’s world you are spoilt for choice be that for a wood stove, fireplace, pizza oven, braai or boma. While pretty much anything you can think of is available it becomes a matter of choosing wisely and that is where we can help. 

It is like choosing a car really, while all of them will get you from A to B, some do it with a little more panache than others, some are safer and some keep their value for longer while others require a lot of maintenance.

  • What is the best value for money?
  • What brands provide great after care service?
  • Which models are just great quality and which have had a lot of come backs?

With such a huge selection we cannot stock each model of every brand but we do know which are readily available and which you will need to wait for. We know the technologies that work and which to avoid or at least be aware of and most of all, we are here to help.


Design – No project to big or too small

Whether you are building a new home, refurbishing an existing home or extending we can assist you with the design of your entertainment, outdoor kitchen and hearth or fireplace. At new build stage we work with your architect or builder to design a ducted heating system for you to warm the whole home off a single fire.

With years of experience we can advise you on the best placement of your fire for maximum warmth and efficiency, we give consideration to the best choice for your outdoor entertainment spaces for pizza ovens, braais, bomas and water features.

Our experienced team are always here to assist.


Our passion meets your purpose.

Professional Installations

We offer professional installation; safety and pre-installation inspections and our experienced delivery team will ensure safe transport of your products to site.

Highest international safety regulations
We follow the highest international safety regulations and safe installation standards as set out by the EU and UK. We strictly follow or exceed manufacturer specifications when installing wood stoves and fireplaces, braais, pizza ovens and bomas.

Highly trained in-house technical team
We have our own in-house technical team who are trained in Italy by Piazetta, manufacturers of some of the finest wood and pellet burning stoves in the world. Our staff continues to be trained by various suppliers, industry experts and technical leads in South Africa. We have experience in installing wood stoves and fireplaces, pizza ovens, braais and a speciality of pellet burning inserts with ducted heating.

We strive for excellence
Our teams are used to working in exclusive homes. We provide a clean, safe and professional installation, leaving your home the way we found it. Your floors, furniture and fittings are protected and covered where required. With new builds or renovations, we prefer to be the last people in so that your wood stove remains in great condition.

Fireplace Servicing and maintenance

Fires and Braais provide full servicing and maintenance on fireplaces and wood stoves. We also offer full chimney sweeping services.

Where required we will replace and repair any consumables in your fireplace such as fire rope, putties, gaskets, fire bricks, aluker panels, vermiculite and glass.

Please note that during our peak fireplace installation times (May to October) our servicing appointments are limited.

We recommend servicing at the end of Winter or alternatively early Autumn or late Summer in order to ensure your servicing is done in time for the cooler months.

Servicing is important for the safety of your family and home but also as part of your fireplace and wood stove warranty requirements.


Be warm and safe this winter.

Inspections and Quotes

We offer site inspections and site specific quotes. We also undertake safety inspections, pre-installation inspections and servicing or repair inspections.

There may be a small call out fee which will be refunded (less travel) should you purchase from us.

Please note that during peak installation times (April to October) we provide our quoting, planning and installations on information provided by you as requested by our sales and technical staff. Only if we believe the installation is complicated enough to warrant an inspection or site visit will be undertake one.

Our team have faced many a complicated installation and you can trust our experience and skills. We always pack spares and should we require them you will be the first to know and approve.

Our professional staff will always be happy to assist and advise if needed.

Experienced Delivery

Delivered anywhere in South Africa by our friendly and experienced team.

We are experienced at managing freight and our team will delivery your order to site when installing in KwaZulu-Natal.

If you are contracting your installation or self installing then our very experienced freight partners will handle your consignment.

Please remember to let us know any delivery requirements (like stairs, contact details and access codes or requirements for gated developments).

Repairs and refurbishments

As the heart of your home, especially in winter, we know that it can be a sad day when you realise that your beloved fireplace is broken or no longer working properly.

Where possible, we will attend to the repair on site but otherwise, when your unit needs a full refurbishment or major repair, we can arrange for yours to be uninstalled, repaired and re-installed.

Sometimes this cost makes complete sense but at other times it may be time for a replacement wood stove. We will help you determine which is best for you.


Chat to our consultants.

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