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Dovre is of Norwegian origin. The name is also the name of a mountain range above Oslo. A Belgian family currently owns the company which they started out of their own foundry in a small town called “Weelde” in Belgium. Today it a very large operation from which the products are distributed throughout Europe, Scandinavia, USA and now in South Africa.

The company has more than 80 years of experience in the design, manufacture, and sales of fireplaces and free-standing stoves. Their commitment to innovation and quality has seen the company develop a refined product range.

Since their new foundry in Belgium in 1981, Dovre has succeeded in establishing an enviable reputation for reliability in the original equipment manufacturer market (OEM). The foundry is an expert in high-grade cast iron in this field and guarantees appliance durability. Dovre castings are characterised by their surface consistency, improved shape retention and precise measurement. The company guarantees high-quality enamelling.

While all these different systems possess superior levels of design and craftsmanship, Dovre is also known for their technical innovations and commitment to reducing environmental impact. With the use of clean-burning technology, their products have attained an excellent degree of energy efficiency. This is partly due to the company’s commitment to quality.

Dovre already exceeds international requirements but is committed to achieving the highest standards possible.

All their fireplaces meet the strictest safety, performance, and emission standards. Fireplace are tested and certified by independent laboratories in Belgium, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands. Dovre has a rock-solid reputation for their heating technology and are CE approved. The combination of craftsmanship, the use of highly valued materials and components, and a very severe quality control makes it possible for Dovre to give a 5-year limited warranty on their cast iron parts.

These stoves are imported from Belgium.

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