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DRU fires

DRU fires has been a varied product manufacturer of cast iron products, furnaces and wood stoves since 1754, that is more than 300 years! All DRU products have one aspect in common: simply that they are one of the best in the world because DRU constantly strive to produce in accordance with the highest quality standards, whilst keeping an eye out for detail and using exclusive designs.

DRU fires product range of wood-fired stoves are the result of many years’ experience and development at the highest level.

DRU fires wood stoves are developed using low energy consumption, high outputs, are environmentally friendly and do not emit particulates.

DRU Fires come in a range of colours and outputs and are some of the most popular sold from our showroom. Great after-care service, backed by detailed product knowledge and a desire to please.

You can proudly own a DRU!

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