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Earthfire is a South African manufacturer producing quality ceramic fireplaces.
The secret to the efficiency of the Earthfire firepot lies in the thermal capacity of the claybody. The firepot continues to radiate heat into the room even when the fire has burned low and will stay hot for up to two hours after the fire has gone out.

A ceramic fireplace aesthetically enriches the style of your home, which combined with their potent efficiency, makes it a beautiful alternative to the more common metal fireplaces. Made from tried and tested specially formulated clay, they won’t crack or lose their appeal, nor will they rust, smoke or smell. The main advantage over metal fireplaces, however, is their phenomenal ability to heat and radiate into the room long after the fire has burned low.

The thermal shock resistance of the clay body used in these firepots lends itself to production raku or “fire magic”. Raku is a Japanese method of decoration that involves a second firing and cooling to produce an interesting crackle effect to the glaze. During this process the kiln is starved of oxygen to cause reduction – for example green copper oxide is reduced to red copper.

Traditionally this is a very time-consuming process used only by studio potters. However, Earthfire clay can be heated and cooled rapidly without cracking, enabling the manufacture of the world’s first production raku units.

The firepots are produced in quantity, but the many variables involved in raku firing make each one unique – colour distribution and glaze crackle will never be exactly alike. Earthfire also offers multiple design options on each of their firepots.

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