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In just a short two years, Panadero have become one of the most popular ranges across South Africa. Panadero stoves are designed, manufactured and checked in line with the EN 13240 European norm. Their appliances have been certified in accordance with this norm by the most prestigious notified European laboratories. The CE marking on all Panadero stoves guarantees the purchase of a high quality appliance meeting all security, energy saving and environmental care regulations currently in effect.

Without doubt, the most important thing in their company is their team. This team of professionals have unique talents, experience and savoir-faire. The high level of qualification enhances this traditional product, improving it day by day. All this, together with the latest technology in the metal sector, their production capacity, unbeatable logistics and a prompt response to any demand, shows why they are today a leading company in the European market for wood-burning stoves.

In the constant fight against climate change, global warming and pollution of the environment, the Flamme Verte label offers a seal of quality for domestic heating appliances using firewood fuel. Ultra modern appliances, with less consumption and several cutting-edge features, more respectful to the environment and virtually completely unpolluting; all under the supervision of the ADEME (Agence de l’Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l’Energie). The Panadero stoves are in keeping with the Flamme Verte label.

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