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Piazzetta is the “Ferrari” of pellet burner and wood stoves. These are truly magnificent productions where technology, design, output, sheer style and performance will blow you away!

Piazzetta’s history is based on research, innovation, expertise, knowledge and selection of the best materials, cutting-edge technology all combined with a craftsman’s skill. A history abounding in care and respect for both customers and the surrounding environment. The tangible signs of a great company that has been studying advanced solutions since 1960 for heating comfort.

Management, R&D, laboratories, production as well as sales and administrative offices are all grouped together in facilities covering 65 thousand square metres.The reason for this is that Piazzetta considers persons an invaluable asset, since they are in the forefront of its ongoing development and growth. Piazzetta fireboxes incorporate a technological soul, which ensures great functionality, reliability and efficiency.

New methods to achieve ever better performance are the object of constant experimentation in their laboratories. Thanks to this on-going commitment they achieve technologically cutting-edge heating solutions that ensure maximum comfort in all safety.

This is the company that most others seek to emulate. Their multifuoco system is patented and allows for ducted heating throughout your home. Piazzetta constantly release innovative products like their WIFI / APP controlled fires as well as stunning design rich sought after fires.

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