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Charnwood has been UK manufacturers of some of the finest multi-fuel & wood burning stoves in the world for 50 years. Charnwood has built a unique reputation for top quality and innovation.

They aim to simplify the real fire process and bring an enduring sense of warmth and satisfaction to the very heart of your home. Designed and built using the latest technology, their clean burning stoves burn wood, anthracite and smokeless fuels at maximum efficiency and output low emissions, giving a clear view of the fire

Charnwood offer an extensive of range of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves to suit virtually every home heating requirement. Providing both contemporary and traditional styles that incorporate the very latest clean burn technology.

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Most Charnwood appliances meet the Ecodesign Ready requirements and are Defra exempt – allowing wood to be burnt safely and cleanly in smoke control areas.

Charnwood fireplaces are engineered with the latest technology to the best quality standards. All models come with the patented ‘Quattro flow air-management system’ for extra efficiency and a clean burn. The Quattro system produces more heat with less wood, and the fireplace is controlled by a single lever. All models are environmentally friendly, with exceptionally low smoke emissions. The ‘riddle’ mechanism burns a mix of solid fuels, such as wood, anthracite or coal, and, as with most European fireplaces, there is an optional external air intake.

Charnwood are manufactured with British Military Grade boiler plate steel which heats up quicker than cast iron and it retains heat longer.

Charnwood fireplaces come standard in black and are available in seven additional special order colours. Coloured models are pre-ordered individually at an additional cost.

The standard stainless steel flue kit can be sprayed the same colour as your fireplace using patented and execptional Charnwood Paint.

All special orders take up to eight weeks and require a 50% deposit, with no refunds. 

Charnwood offers a 10 Year Limited Warranty on all their fireplaces.


Charnwood Cove 3 | 16kW

From: R52,950.00

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Charnwood Island 3 | 16kW

From: R49,050.00


Charnwood Skye 7 | 11kW

From: R46,650.00
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Charnwood Island 2 | 11kW

From: R40,850.00


Charnwood Skye 5 | 7kW

From: R39,900.00


Charnwood Cove 2 | 11kW

From: R39,400.00

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Charnwood C-Seven With Stand | 8kW

From: R32,750.00


Charnwood C-Eight | 9kW

From: R32,200.00

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Charnwood C-Seven | 8kW

From: R30,250.00


Charnwood Aire 5 | 7kW

From: R29,550.00


Charnwood C-Four | 5.5kW

From: R24,250.00


Charnwood Aire 3 | 3.7kW

From: R24,950.00 R22,950.00


Fireball by Charnwood

R2,150.00 R1,930.00