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Closed Combustion Fireplaces and Wood Stoves

More heat, less fuel, for longer
Besides the wonderful ambiance it creates, a fireplaces is a great way to heat a home effectively, especially if you live in an area where wood is plentiful. Whether built-in or freestanding, closed combustion fireplaces win hands down every time on every possible metric.

Closed combustion, also called slow burners, refers to a fire burning behind a sealed glass door. The units are generally fitted with adjustable air controls so that you can regulate the amount of air flowing into the combustion chamber (and to some extent control the flame and output of the fireplace).

Closed combustion fires use approximately one third of the wood and transfer 85% of the heat back into the room.

Why is it more effective than an open fire?
In an open combustion fireplace (no glass) there is no control over combustion air. As your fire heats up, it consumes more air, most of which goes up and out the flue outlet resulting in heat loss.

Additionally, closed-combustion fireplaces recirculate the hot air before allowing it to escape through the flue, and burn at a high enough temperature to re-ignite the recirculated air.

So in a closed system, most of the heat generated remains in your home as the flow of hot air up the chimney is very low and the need to suck cold air in from outside, to replace the escaped hot air, is negated.

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