1. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: By making payment or signing and accepting a quotation, invoice, or job card the purchaser acknowledges that he/she or their representative, has seen and/or selected the products and/or services being offered, and understands the type of materials being used in the installation and the method of installation and their respective guarantees as outlined in the terms below. All items purchased must be paid for in full prior to delivery and installation at your home. For your protection, you as the customer are entitled to view your purchase (should you wish to do so) prior to delivery to you. This can be done at our showroom facilities or by remote means if you are not able to visit.
  2. PRICES: The prices on our website can change at any moment and without warning. Any discounted prices as part of the “bundles or kits” are only available when purchasing the special and not available as individual item specials. All prices and quotes on our website are subject to confirmation (errors and omissions excepted). Where there is a clear omission or error you will be notified and provided with the option to be requoted or re-invoiced with the correct price and/or provided a different option or your monies refunded.
  3. STOCK: All stock is subject to availability at our warehouse and with our suppliers. Stock levels change daily. Where items are no longer available you will be offered a refund, exchange or we will assist you to find a similar unit purchased at the price of that unit.
  4. ORDERING: No items will be ordered, nor stock reserved, deliveries or installation work started until payment has been made in full. Payment constitutes acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.
  5. SPECIAL ORDER: A 50% deposit is required for specially manufactured, ordered or sprayed items at the time of order, with the balance due prior to shipping. Specially manufactured, ordered or sprayed items are non-refundable, so please ensure you are happy with your purchase before ordering these items. We are happy to arrange for you to view any colour sample at our showroom prior to ordering if you wish to do so.
  6. STORAGE & STORAGE CHARGES: We can only hold goods ordered in our warehouse for a maximum of 2 weeks, especially during our peak season of April to August, a storage fee of R100 ex VAT per calendar day will be due thereafter unless specifically agreed with the company.
  7. RE-QUOTE: Any variations to this estimate or changes to that are discussed or advised after a site inspection may require a re-quote. The new quote will supersede any previous quotes, prices and discounts.. 

  8. OWNERSHIP: All items remain the property of the company until paid for in full. In the event of non-payment of the full amount due it is agreed that the company will be entitled to repossess the products without recourse to law. All related costs for the removal will be for the customer’s account.
  9. INTEREST CHARGES: Interest at the maximum overdraft rate will be charged on overdue accounts from the date of delivery of the products and services. 

  10. RETURNS & REFUNDS: We want you to be happy with your purchase. We have a 10 day exchange or refund policy subject to conditions. Returns and refunds will only be processed once items are returned (at your expense) in good order and in the original packaging to our warehouse, showroom and/or supplier as agreed in writing with Fires and Braais (Pty) Ltd. Written agreement must be sought within 10 working days of your item(s) being delivered to you or, if you or a representative requested us to store your item in our warehouse, the date at which you were notified that your item(s) had arrived. Courier fees, travel and other incurred costs will not be refunded. In some instances, a 15% administration fee is charged by our suppliers, which will unfortunately be deducted from any refund. Transport costs for the returned items are for the customer account. We reserve the right to deduct reasonable fair use if the item has been used. Any Kits are bought as such and spares or unused items are not subject to a refund, only full kits “The Product” can be returned.
  11. NO RETURN: Please note that the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) protects both the consumer and the supplier during the purchase of our goods. Under the act, your option to return purchased goods is waived once the goods have been installed at the property.
  12. SPECIAL ORDER ITEMS: Special order items, specially manufactured, sprayed and bespoke items cannot be cancelled or returned once ordered from our suppliers. Fires and Braais (Pty) Ltd may, per agreement, in writing, offer to sell bespoke items and pay over any funds less bank fees, administration charges and all other incurred costs to the customer on sale of said items. Administration fees may be as much as 15% in some instances from our suppliers. Other incurred costs that will not be refunded include but are not limited to freight, import duties, labour, insurance. Special order and bespoke items include: coloured fireplaces, double and multi-sided fireplaces, custom sized items and items made to order across our full range of products. Goods purchased by way of special arrangement or custom order will only be replaced if defective. We reserve the right to consult the manufacturer/ supplier of the product for an evaluation. Customers are encouraged to ensure that measurements and specifications of custom items are correct when ordering, as custom made orders cannot be refunded or exchanged if incorrect sizes were provided 

  13. INSTALLATION MANUALS AND USERGUIDES: The installation manuals and user guidelines form part of these Terms and Conditions. The client agrees to ensure all manuals are provided on installation and are kept in a safe place. Often manuals contain your serial number (required for warranties, services and insurance purposes). KEEP THEM SAFE. Misplaced and missing manuals and guides cannot be replaced. The onus rests wholly on the client to read and understand operational and safety instructions.
  14. SPARES & INCLUDED ITEMS: All items such as handles, spares, remotes, Alan keys etc that come with your product will be left on site after installation. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure these are checked and stored correctly. Fires and Braais and our suppliers will not be liable for replacing missing, lost or stolen items. Replacements in this instance will be quoted and billed for.
  15. DELIVERY: Where items are delivered by courier or freight partners direly to the site, the customer agrees to:
    • provide manpower to safely off-load the order and where necessary move it to the required location.
    • Take photographs of and inspect the full order, comparing it to his/her invoice BEFORE SIGNING the delivery waybill. Signed waybills are accepted as complete and in good order. Should there be an issue the client should notify Fires and Braais immediately and NOTE ISSUES AND DAMAGE ON THE WAYBILL.
    • Upon taking delivery, the order is considered out of the custody of Fires and Braais the customer takes responsibility for safe storage until installation.
  16. SERVICING: Annual servicing is recommeded to ensure safe and efficient functioning of any item that has a flue pipe. Most manufacturers require annual servicing in order to retain warranty and guarantees intact. Servicing is for the client’s account and is wholly the client’s responsibility. 

  17. LIMITED LIABILITY: Fires and Braais (PTY) Ltd cannot be held responsible for damage to your home or property where a product has been misused, used incorrectly, not maintained in good order through regular servicing or used if damaged (e.g. if glass is broken). Fires and Braais (Pty) Ltd are not responsible for the workmanship of third party contractors where these are contracted directly to the client, whether independently contracted or suggested by Fires and Braais (Pty) Ltd. Where installation is in the vicinity of a TV aerial, satellite dish or other such devices repairs to any disruption of service will be rectified by the client at their cost. Design elements such as tiles, paneling, brickwork, paint, wallpaper, electrics, art and electronics that are fitted post installation are not the responsibility of Fires and Braais. As such, damage to said items, associated costs, repairs and replacements will not be undertaken by the Company unless gross negligence or poor installation as deemed so by a supplier of the product exists. 

  18. UNFORESEEN COMPLICATIONS: Fires and Braais (Pty) Ltd take no responsibility for hidden complications (water pipes, electrical pipes, roof trusses or gas pipes, satellite dishes, WIFI connections etc.) in or around your desired installation site that make the installation impractical to complete. In this instance the position of the installation may be changed to something more suitable, the installation cancelled or the customer can make arrangements for the obstructions to be moved at his / her own cost. Additional fittings required can be purchased. Installation kits can be returned in full, partial kits are not returnable.
  19. EXCLUSIONS: No allowance is made for painting, tiling, building, electrical or specialist work, packaging or rubble removal unless this has been expressly quoted for in the quotation or billed in the invoice. 

  20. REGULATIONS: Any statutory / legal regulations are the responsibility of the client. 

  21. INSTALLATIONS: The installation fee is payable on the day of installation, upon satisfactory completion of the work, unless otherwise specified to your chosen installer. This is a private contract between yourself and your installer and does not reflect on Fires and Braais in any way. Installations conducted by third parties directly contracted to the client are not covered by Fires and Braais (Pty) Ltd in any way. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the third party is fully aware of and compliant with all installation guidelines as set out in the instruction and installation manuals. Installations must be done in accordance with the manufacturer guidelines and/or legal requirements, to ensure product warranties and guarantees are protected.
  22. FIRST USE: The client agrees not to burn anything in a product with a flue for a minimum of 24hrs after installation. A small, low heat fire, may be made by your installer to ensure installation has been successful. This fire must be left to go out and the unit left to rest for the full 24 hours to ensure all waterproofing seals correctly. The client agrees that for installations where wet work has been done, the unit will not be burned for 72 hours to ensure curing of all wet work. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in poor 
waterproofing and/ or cracking of wet work. 

  23. WARRANTIES, GUARANTEES DURATION & COVER: Closed wood burning heating stoves and gas heaters and fireplaces supplied by the company are guaranteed by the various manufacturers for a period of between 2 and 10 years, as stated in the documents supplied with the product and applicable from the date of sale, that covers the repair or replacement of faulty non-consumable parts. Service and consumable items such as paint finishes, fire linings, flue baffles and dampers, grates, gaskets, control valves, regulators, and electrical and electronic components are guaranteed for 6 – 12 months from the date of sale. (manufacturer specific.)
    • Glass panels are not covered by any guarantee and as they are expensive to replace we recommend that they be insured.
    • Products with a vitreous enamel finish are not guaranteed against chipping or flaking of the enamel finish.
    • Service and consumable items such as paint finishes, fire rope, clips, linings, bricks
    • Service call outs and site visits (see Site Visits and Call outs).
    • Electrical components are not guaranteed against power surges or lightning strikes.
  25. CLAIMS: Any guarantee / warranty claim must be done in writing within the warranty/guarantee period and be accompanied by photographs where applicable. Claims are processed with our supplier / manufacturer and claim durations therefore vary in time.
  26. NULL & VOID: All guarantees and warranties offered by the manufacturers are subject to the products being serviced according to the manufacturer’s requirements, and please note that all guarantees specifically exclude damage to products and related consequential damage caused by misuse of the product i.e. Over firing, or burning the wrong type of fuel. Over firing will be indicated by cracked or crumbling refractory fire linings, buckled or distorted cast iron or steel fire linings, and permanent discoloration of the door glass. Warranties and Guarantees will be marked NULL & VOID if products are tampered with, repaired or altered in any way without agreement/ approval of a qualified specialists and with the agreement of Fires and Braais. (Pty) Ltd.
  27. SITE VISITS & CALL OUTS: Where a site visit is required to carry out a guarantee repair, or replacement of a faulty part, or removal of the product to our workshop for repair, a call out fee covering the labour and transport costs will apply. These costs are not covered by warranties and guarantees.

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