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R110,500.00 Incl. VAT

Pellet stove with steel cladding and majolica elements, with standard Multifuoco system, for uniform heat from floor to ceiling, including heating to other rooms of the home through ducting of a hot air flow. The standard Dual Power System with separate fan regulation, allows for managing different dedicated room temperatures. Thanks to the Natural Mode function, it is possible to turn off the forced-air fans and switch to natural convection mode, which is totally silent. Optional kit for remote management through text messages and Wi-Fi using the app on smartphones and tablets.


Room heating capacity (max) 350 m3
Rated heat output (max) 12.2 kW
Power adjustable (positions) 4
Nominal thermal efficiency 92.4%
Consumption at rated heat output (min-max) 0.7-2.7 Kg/h
Unit Dimensions WxDxH 55X50X133 cm (+50mm additional space all around unit for installation cavity.)

Multifuoco System®
Forced-ventilation system featuring 4 power levels. Air ductable up to 16 m

Dual Power System
Two independent fans to obtain different temperatures in different rooms

Multi-functional remote control
With LCD, timer-controlled thermostat and Multicomfort function

Remote Control System
Optional kit for remotely managing the stove simply through a text message

Majolica cladding
Large-size handmade pieces

Energy Saving
Energy Saving Automatic switching on and off for maximum energy saving

Eco Function
Automatic flame power control

Easy Cleaning System
Standard ash vacuum cleaner

Natural Mode
The stove continues to burn and the hot air fan switches off, heat continues to be distributed throughout the room through natural convection

Management app
Allows for managing all the stove’s functions through smartphones and tablets

With 6 daily time frames

Steel insert with cast iron door and brazier

Air Glass System
Self-cleaning ventilated ceramic glass resistant to 750°C

Humidifier-diffuser, also of fragrances

Pellet level sensor
Allows for monitoring the amount of pellets in the tank and signals the minimum pellet level on the display and the need to refill.


  • Fully Automated
  • Save on running costs
  • Convenient to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Less than 1% ash produced
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Economical consumption
  • Highly efficient
  • Easy to handle 15kg pellet bags

Pellet fireplaces are currently the most cost-effective heating solution in South Africa. The cost of electricity and gas are rapidly increasing, while their supply can be erratic at peak times.

The running cost of a pellet fireplace is currently half the running cost of equivalent electrical and gas appliances in the market, and will over time become even more cost effective.

Pellet fireplaces provide automated convenience to the user. Pellets come in 15kg bags, which make it easy to handle and store. The fireplace is fully automated with a programmable weekly time schedule to switch it on and off at times suited to the user. The top range pellet units have remote controls with a GPRS function making it possible to switch the units on or off.

The units must be cleaned once a day. Luckily the ash contents amounts to only about 1% of the consumed amount of pellets, making the process a breeze compared to the traditional wood fired appliances. The ash content is also mineral rich and could be used as pot ash in the garden.

Pellet fireplaces are design conscious, with various styles, shapes, colours and sizes to choose from. Choices can be made between free standing and build-in units, with or without a ducted heating functionality (Multi-fire system) to spread heat more rapidly to different rooms in the residence or office. A pellet fire place with a multi-fire system is like having your own central heating system in your home or office. Some pellet units can be bought with handmade Majolica® ceramic surrounds, making each unit exceptionally unique.

Pellet fireplaces are the only real green alternative heating solution in South Africa. When biomass from wood waste or sustainably managed forests, are combusted to create energy the process actually generates no increased greenhouse gas emissions, a circumstance described as carbon neutrality.


Additional information

Dimensions550 × 500 × 1330 mm

Heat Output Range
Flue Diameter
Can back flue

Fuel Type

Combustion system



Fire view


Country of Origin


Heat Output

Can heat space (m3)



Special Feature

Powervent possible


Door type



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