Artel Class 16 – Smart Fire | 15.2kW

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All fireplace installations are ultimately unique, just like the buildings they are fitted into but the drawings below will give you an indication of the installation scenario and cost most applicable to you. Please use the drop down during check-out to select the flue kit that you require. Additional fittings like bends, clamps, wall brackets and the like can be purchased separately and added to your order.

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Pellet fireplaces are currently the most cost-effective heating solution in South Africa. The cost of electricity and gas are rapidly increasing, while their supply can be erratic at peak times.

The running cost of a pellet fireplace is currently half the running cost of equivalent electrical and gas appliances in the market, and will over time become even more cost effective.

Pellet fireplaces provide automated convenience to the user. Pellets come in 15kg bags, which make it easy to handle and store. The fireplace is fully automated with a programmable weekly time schedule to switch it on and off at times suited to the user. The top range pellet units have remote controls with a GPRS function making it possible to switch the units on or off.

The units must be cleaned once a day. This can be done with an ash vacuum cleaner! Luckily the ash contents amounts to only about 1% of the consumed amount of pellets, making the process a breeze compared to the traditional wood fired appliances. The ash content is also mineral rich and could be used as pot ash in the garden.

Pellet fireplaces are design conscious, with various styles, shapes, colours and sizes to choose from. Choices can be made between free standing and build-in units, with or without a ducted heating functionality (Multi-fire system) to spread heat more rapidly to different rooms in the residence or office. A pellet fire place with a multi-fire system is like having your own central heating system in your home or office. Some pellet units can be bought with handmade Majolica? ceramic surrounds, making each unit exceptionally unique.

Pellet fireplaces are the only real green alternative heating solution in South Africa. When biomass from wood waste or sustainably managed forests, are combusted to create energy the process actually generates no increased greenhouse gas emissions, a circumstance described as carbon neutrality.

Rated heat output (max) 15.2 kW
Power adjustable (positions) 5
Nominal thermal efficiency 93.4%
Consumption at rated heat output (min-max) 0,8 – 3,34 Kg/h
Unit Dimensions WxDxH 495 x 570 x 1114 mm cm


► Fully Automated
► Save on running costs
► Convenient to use
► Easy to clean
► Less than 1% ash produced
► Accurate temperature control
► Economical consumption
► Highly efficient
► Easy to handle 15kg pellet bags

Additional information
Weight 105 kg
Dimensions 495 × 570 × 1114 mm




Combustion Type

Fires Style

Freestanding, Smart Fires

Fire Design


Fuel Type

Pellet Burning

Fire View

Front View

Output Size

Large 12kW+

Heat Output


Country of origin


Flue Outlet


Flue Diameter


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