Carbel RA-85 Wall Mounted | 13 kW

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All fireplace installations are ultimately unique, just like the buildings they are fitted into but the drawings below will give you an indication of the installation scenario and cost most applicable to you. Please use the drop down during check-out to select the flue kit that you require. Additional fittings like bends, clamps, wall brackets and the like can be purchased separately and added to your order.

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The Carbel RA 85 model offers you the best way to enjoy your fire, with its stylish design and three side windows. This is a free-standing fireplace with the option of standing on a Log Base or being Wall Mounted, simplifying the installation and avoiding brickwork.

The Carbel RA 85 offers 13kW of heat output and in insulated with Termatek side panels

Carbel – A dynamic and innovative family company, inspiring your lifestyle since 1957.

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Weight 140 kg
Dimensions 840 × 435 × 555 mm


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