Franco Belge Monte Carlo | 12kW

The Franco Belge Monte Carlo is a real power-house stove with an impressive 11.5Kw of heat output. This stove has a massive glass door with powerful airwash to keep it clean and will give a stunning view of the fire.

The Monte Carlo has a front door and also a side loading door which can be beneficial when loading longer logs (up to 55cm log lengths will fit into this stove).

Available in traditional matt black paint and a variety of enamel colour finishes, this stove will create a centrepiece in even the most imposing of rooms.

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All fireplace installations are ultimately unique, just like the buildings they are fitted into but the drawings below will give you an indication of the installation scenario and cost most applicable to you. Please use the drop down during check-out to select the flue kit that you require. Additional fittings like bends, clamps, wall brackets and the like can be purchased separately and added to your order.

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Why buy Franco Belge?

With over 90 years experience in designing and manufacturing the world’s finest wood burning cast iron stoves, Franco Belge are renowned for their intricate cast iron work, rugged reliability  and beautiful finishes. All Franco Belge stoves feature powerful air wash systems to provide cleaner burning and help keep the glass crystal clear which offers the largest possible view of the flames. Each Franco Belge stove is constructed from top grade cast iron for  a lifetime of dependable service.

Exceptional efficiency

Benefitting from primary, secondary and tertiary air, each stove from Franco Belge gives you the control needed for perfect regulation of the stoves output whilst always ensuring maximum efficiency.

Air wash system

Each Franco Belge stove features a clever air wash system, ensuring maximum combustion of the fuel  and perfectly clear glass.

Top grade cast iron

Holds up to the highest temperatures, retaining heat long after the fire has expired.


Additional information
Weight 180 kg
Dimensions 735 × 608 × 804 mm


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