Godin Chevannes | 13kW

R36,995.00 R36,495.00

The Godin Chevannes is a fresh modern take from France. Cast iron body with a steel convection plate on the top for added convection heat. A lovely large freestanding cast iron wood burner with an impressive 13kW output.

The large glass fire view makes it a feature for any home! The clean lines and a modern design make it suitable to many interiors. It comes with heat resistant glass, a clean glass system, an ash pan, a manual air control and a rear convection panel which allows for installation closer to the wall. The combustion chamber fits 50cm logs and normal fuel consumption is about 4.7kg per hour.

It’s ideal for heating a medium sized area.

The Chevannes is of 100% French origin and is imported from Guise in France. It comes with a 1 year limited guarantee on specific internal parts, and a 5 year limited guarantee on the fireplace body.