Nestor Martin TQH33 | 14kW

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All fireplace installations are ultimately unique, just like the buildings they are fitted into but the drawings below will give you an indication of the installation scenario and cost most applicable to you. Please use the drop down during check-out to select the flue kit that you require. Additional fittings like bends, clamps, wall brackets and the like can be purchased separately and added to your order.

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About the Stove

The Nestor Martin TQH33 is a solid fuel, slow combustion fireplace. With origins from Belgium and currently manufactured in Spain, this fireplace offers neat, clean lines with 14kW heat output.

Flexibility is central to the TQ / TQH Concept. Each model is offered with a choice of four stands, all of which rotate 360 degrees. This allows you to enjoy the comfort and warmth of the fire from all angles of the room. There is also a simple rotational kit available, which allows your TQ stove to rotate atop any stand of your own creation. The TQH models feature a side door for a convenient wood loading. The TQ / TQH line features our exclusive Woodbox® technology, for high performance and optimum comfort. An optional remote control is available for added convenience if desired.

Stand Options:
#1 – Low Rise Stand
#2 – Log Storage Stand
#3 – Bench Stand
#4 – A simple rotational kit

Some stands will be special order until Mid 2021.

Nestor Martin is the result of uncompromising engineering and over 150 years of experience.

With Woodbox® combustion technology

The S-series combines the timeless class of a Stanford with patented Woodbox® Technology and an optional remote control.

Special Features

  • “Clean glass” (offers an incredible panoramic view of the flames)
  • Woodbox® Combustion Technology
  • Comfort: thermostatic temperature control
  • Spacious ashpan
  • Non stop combusiton in “night” mode (up to approximately 10 hours)
  • Easy to load! Front and side doors
  • Optional remote control
  • Top or rear flue connection
  • Long life cast iron internal protection plates

Ecolabel – A+

Technical Specifications

  • Height (mm.) 863 (main body)
  • Width (mm.) 57
  • Depth (mm.) 422
  • Flue Pipe (mm.) 180
  • Weight (kg) 189
  • Nominal Power 9
  • Minimum-Maximum Power (kW.) 3-14
  • Efficiency (%) 81
  • CO 0,08

About Nestor Martin

Crafted by a European leader in home heating technology, the family of cast iron stoves from Nestor Martin is the result of uncompromising engineering and over 150 years of experience. Today, the Nestor Martin brand is a prestige name worldwide. It is a brand that represents warmth, quality, resilience, know-how and tradition.

Our ancestral tradition as cast iron founders has always been coupled with a spirit of technological innovation, and every Nestor Martin appliance carries with it a technical expertise and an integrity which is unrivalled. Our internationally-patented Woodbox combustion system is the most significant advance in solid fuel burning technology this decade. It offers high efficiency, reduced fuel consumption, low pollutant emissions as well as spectacular flame effects and responsiveness. The Woodbox models are also the first-ever solid fuel stoves with programmable thermostatic remote control.

Whether you prefer the graceful simplicity of a contemporary style or the elegance of a classic stove, you will benefit in either case from the high performance of Nestor Martin stoves. Each model is available in a variety of fuels, sizes and heat outputs, so there is always a Nestor Martin appliance to fulfill every heating requirement.

Additional information
Weight 180 kg
Dimensions 572 × 422 × 863 mm


Combustion Type

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