Kratki K6 | 11 kW

R22,500.00 R17,900.00

The Kratki K6 features a decorative, traditional design with a large, curved glass window giving a great view of the fire. It has a cast iron stove body, with a minimum wall thickness of 8mm.The large glazed door has heat resistant glass, an airwash glass cleaning system and features ‘the cold handle system’ which allows you to remove the handle during the combustion process. It has an ash drawer and a removable grate allowing an easy clean and a decorative fence hinders wood from falling out of the stove body.The K6 can take 35 cm firewood logs and reaches a searing temperature of 290 – 360 degrees Celsius within the combustion chamber. A cast iron deflector extends the exhaust path, and the air supply can be regulated to the combustion chamber. There is a top or rear flue exit option, and it has a decorative back plate, base feet and side panels.Imported from Poland and designed for strength. Comes with a 5 year limited guarantee.