Kratki Thor 8 View | 10 kW


The Kratki Thor 8 View is a freestanding, steel fireplace with an Accumote- lined, 3-sided glass firebox. With this model, you’ll be able to view the flames from all corners of the room and it makes a very eye-catching installation. Its minimalist frame has a blackened glass edge and its design is simple and non-intrusive.The firebox is manufactured out of 4mm thick steel. The combustion chamber has improved strength and performance with a highly refractory Accumote ceramic, which further reflects heat and light into the room. The THOR 8 View features primary, secondary and tertiary combustion, with control; heat-resistant glass; an air wash glass cleaning system; a removable ash box for easy cleaning and an external air inlet.The THOR 8 View is CE certified. Kratki fireplaces are imported from Poland, conform to EU standards and regulations, and are designed for strength. They come with a 5-year limited guarantee.