Panadero Onix | 7.1kW


These modern and contemporary stoves, manufactured in Spain, offer exceptional build quality and unbeatable value.

They are made from high quality steel, which is stronger than cast iron. Steel radiates heat quicker and much more efficiently than cast iron. The stoves are manufactured with 5 mm steel and some models even have a double sheeted body.

All the stoves carry the CE mark. In addition to this, they conform to both EN13240 and Ecodesign 2022, complying with efficiency and low emissions standards.

Panadero stoves also incorporate an advanced air wash – glass cleaning system to ensure that the large glass panels remains clear to provide an unobstructed view of the flames.

Most stoves come with double burn combustion, where the gases are re-ignited to obtain the maximum efficiency and heat output from the stove, with the minimum fuel consumption. In most units the fire boxes are also fully lined with vermiculite to increase the lifespan of the appliances.