Piazzetta P158 – Smart Fire Plus | 8.6kW


Pellets are the ecological fuel par excellence. They are practical, easy to handle and store and allows the eco conscience to produce heat without harming the environment. Piazzetta pellet stoves guarantee a long burn time. With self- regulating capacity as well as practical ignition and programming management.

This modern shaped unit is the result of many hours of R & D and it is reflected in the unit which is the perfect BLend of style, beauty and technology. It’s versatility with being ductable makes it the easy choice.This unit will add a final touch to any new build or renovation.

Smart Plus fires come standard with smart features like automated feeding, programmable on/off times and automated temperature regulation, plus they have optional components that can be purchased separately. These optional extras is the WIFI and APP kit, remote controls or the MultiFuoco ducted heating system.