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The  Freestanding Outdoor Mosaic Clay Fireplace is made from specially formulated clay designed to withstand very high thermal shock in the firing process. The unit is fired in an electric kiln at 1200° C and can be used indoors or outdoors. It comes with a chimney and an attached metal stand, and will work well outdoors, but if you are looking to place it in a permanent position indoors, then it will need a flue going through the wall or roof.

A major plus with the Mosaic Fireplace, besides its good looks, is its ability to radiate heat from all sides. It warms up quickly and stays warm long after the fire goes low. It is very efficient and a real asset for any indoor or outdoor setting.

Height excluding stand 500mm
Height including stand 710mm
Diameter at widest point 530mm
Height of chimney 310mm
Diameter of chimney base 260mm
Weight 65kg


  • Stand
  • Chimney

Not Included

  • Sand / stone for base of fireplace

Important Notes

  • Should you wish to use this fireplace indoors you will require a collar and cement as well as a flue kit to suit your home. Please send us an email so that we can assist you.
  • These firepots are hand made to order and can sometimes take 5-10 working days to deliver.


Chiminea History

Chimineas have been around for hundreds of years their origins go back to the 16th or 17th century when chefs in small Mexican villages used them as elevated cooking vessels, and families gathered near them for warmth.

Traditionally, a chiminea is made of clay and designed in a wide-bottom vase form, with a narrow, vertical chimney through which to direct smoke and a wide mouth on its side for the fire pit. The chiminea’s design allows it to be used in the rain without the water extinguishing its flame.

Basically, a chiminea is the same concept as an old-fashioned potbelly stove, which is a cast-iron wood-burning stove. In Eastern European countries, a similar type of stove, called a kotao, is fed with wood and used for cooking many popular dishes. Large, round cooking pans are placed on the kotao.

Unlike a wider, more open fire pit, a chiminea is contained. Aromatic woods like cedar, hickory, mesquite, or pinon wood are popular choices, which will blow smoke up and out. After igniting, chimineas can reach full burn in 15 minutes, giving off a great deal of heat. The fire can be controlled like any wood-burning outdoor fire pit or fireplace.

Where to Put a Chiminea


For safety reasons, it’s smart to place the chiminea in a location where the flames are visible from inside your house. With this in mind, obvious spaces would include a patio, deck or courtyard. A chiminea works more effectively if its back faces a breeze or wind—which isn’t always predictable, of course. For its funnel-like chimney to work properly, the chiminea needs to be set up straight and vertical. This positioning ensures sooting occurs inside the fire chamber.

Consider the surface upon which your chiminea will be placed. Concrete, brick, or stone patios are fire-safe paving choices. If your outdoor space is a wood deck or terrace, place fire-safe pavers across a small area to serve as a platform, or patio hearth. Place the chiminea on the hearth, and make sure there aren’t eaves, a patio roof, or some type of overhead cover that could catch on fire.


For indoor applications, you will need to ensure there is a fire safe surface to place the fire pot on or purchase the wrought iron stand. If the stand will sit on a flammable surface (wood, carpet, laminate) then ensure you have a fire hearth too.

The firepot needs to be 20cm from walls and 50cm from flammable surfaces. Your flue pipe needs to be 30cm from wooden beams and where the flue is not visible (i.e. in your roof cavity) then an insulated flue should be used.

What Is a Hearth?

A hearth creates a fire-safe area on a wood patio or deck, on carpet, laminate or wood floors on which you can place a chiminea. It’s generally created by covering roughly a 3-by-4-foot area with pavers, bricks, a floor plate or other fireproof materials.

Safe Use

An open fire should always be tended and visible. Toward the end of use (i.e. when you are ready to go to bed or your home is warm enough) then ideally, the wood should burn down to ashes in your chiminea. If necessary the low embers can be doused by using a spade to turn the sand/gravel mixture at the bottom of the pit to put out the flames.

Caring for Your Chiminea

Put sand, lava rock, fire glass, or pea gravel at the bottom of the chiminea fire pit to help clean out ashes. The sand-ash mixture can be put into a bucket, hosed off, set out to dry, and returned to the pit. You can also rake out the ashes and turn over the sand or gravel for a clean chiminea.


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Weight 65 kg
Dimensions 530 × 530 × 750 mm

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